Rent your electric-scooter for your holiday in Spain
Hibernate abroad and be still mobile.
Electric folding mobility scooters

We have a lot of electtic folding mobility scooters in stock, very useful if you want to trafel by car to an other place in Spain.

Who are we?
Feldas Mobility is a specialist in renting electric mobility scooters for seniors and handicapped. You can find our shop in Benidorm (Spain).
Heavy duty electric scooters

We can supply also heavy duty electric scooters designed for bigger, taller persons who are hybernating in Spain.

Our rates
You can rent you electric mobility scooter just for 1 day but also for longer periods, for instance for 3 months. U heeft al een scootmobiel voor €7,50 per dag.

You can find all our rates on the page Prices.
Electric mobile scooters

All our electric mobile scoorter are in excellent quality therfore you can enjoy your holiday in the best comfort.

We deliver all our electric scooters on a by you desired location in Benidorm free of charge. All our electric scooters are of execellent quality, but if a malfunction will occur, we change you scooter for a new one after you have called us by phone.